From sludge to bioplastic: how to proceed

In order to tackle a new innovative project that efficiently reduces waste sludge by transforming it into valuable bioplastic (PHA), the first steps to do is a detailed assessment of the industrial context, with an analysis of the phisico-chemical characteristics of the wastewater, and an evaluation of the existing industrial processes.

B-Plas approaches all that, with the aim to customize the best technical solution for the management of your agro-industrial, industrial and civil sludge.


Feasibility check

The feasibility check includes: NDRA agreement, analysis of the industrial context and preliminary assessment of the economic impact of the B-Plas project in the existing industrial application.


Feasibility study

a. Laboratory testing The experimentation evaluates the introduction of the B-Plas process in plant contexts that involve the production / management of sludge characterized by a percentage of solids approximately between 1% and 10%. The experimentation is made on real samples within the Diemme Filtration and B-Plas laboratories, equipped with modern analytical equipment and bench units, capable of defining the chemical-physical and biological characterization of sludge, wastewater and related intermediates from the treatment.

b. Basic engineering The results obtained from the experimental phase are processed for the definition of process sizing, mass/energy balance and a budgetary costing of the CapEx / OpEx of the industrial plant.


Detailed engineering

Detailed engineering customized to the specific industrial application, inclusive of the technical and economic definition of the individual modules, making up the plant. Production of all the documentation necessary for the impact assessment of the installation of the B-Plas plant in the area involved.

The final report includes a detailed forecast of CapEx and OpEx for a complete analysis of the financial aspects of the project.


Executive engineering

It is the last step, which involves the design and drafting of the executive project of the industrial plant. It represents the phase in which all the interventions foreseen in the previous basic and detailed engineering steps are defined in every detail, thus representing the definitive project.

Treated sludge
Project model
Plant under construction