Circular economy

Sewage sludge is waste regulated by the relevant national laws, specific for each country.

Sludge is currently managed in the following ways:

  • landfills for special waste;
  • waste-to-energy or incineration aimed at energy recovery;
  • composting plants for subsequent uses in agriculture;
  • direct spreading (after dehydration) on agricultural land.

The B-Plas plants treat agro-industrial, industrial and civil sludge, consequently the Company respects every need of the environmental legislation in force, and pursues the continuous improvement of its performances through the application of the best available technologies.

B-Plas designs and manufactures sludge treatment plants with the integration of different processes and technologies, in order to:

  • reduce the amount of dewatered sludge to be disposed of,
  • sanitize the process waters making them easy to dispose or treat
  • convert organic carbon into PHA biopolimer.

B-Plas does all that without altering legal classifications of any effluent.

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