B-Plas technology:
all the benefits

The sludges are a biomass suspension from industrial and civil wastewater treatment processes.

Thanks to its innovative process, B-Plas is a circular alternative to existing solutions, focusing on the recovery of valuable materials and minimizing the volumes of sludge, with significant savings on disposal costs.

Furthermore, a significant fraction of the soluble organic carbon (COD equivalent) is converted into PHA.

Benefits of the solution

until – 70%

Reduced sludge volume to be disposed of

Production of PHA (PHBV copolymer) with proven biodegradability

The B-Plas technology obtains a price-competitive PHA compared to traditional plastics by:

  • Using wastewaters as raw material;
  • Using mixed microbial cultures (MMC), which avoid operating in sterile conditions and adapt to any type of organic feedstock;
  • Enabling PHA extraction with a green solvent.


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