B-Sludge Sludge treatment

The B-Sludge system (sludge module) allows for the treatment of diluted, concentrated or dewatered incoming organic sludge in an operating range of Total Suspended Solids from 1% to 30% or more, equalizing the concentration by mechanical pre-treatment. The pretreated sludge is sent to the hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) process under the optimum fluid dynamic conditions and then to solid-liquid separation by filter press, operating without the use of polyelectrolytes.

B-Sludge is offered in versions B-Sludge LD for diluted sludge and B-Sludge HD for concentrated or already dewatered sludge.

Key benefits of B-Sludge
  • Up to 80% reduction in the volume of dewatered sludge to be disposed of (e.g., landfill) or to be recovered in other forms (e.g., waste-to-energy, composting, agricultural spreading)
  • Production of sanitized water with high COD content that can be reused within the industrial compartment (e.g., maximizing biogas plant yields)

B-Sludge LD

B-Sludge Low Density, which treats diluted sludge (indicatively [TSS] < 10%), features a pre-concentration station to reduce the volumes to be handled in the hot phase (HTC) and in the solid-liquid separation phase with filter press, for overall energy efficiency.

B-Sludge LD is the solution designed for sewage treatment plants with large flows of sludge for disposal.

B-Sludge HD

B-Sludge High Density treats concentrated sludge (indicatively [TSS] = 10-18%), and features mechanical homogenization pretreatment. In its high density version, dedicated to dewatered sludge (indicatively [TSS] > 20%), it includes the turbodissolver suitable for liquefying the dewatered sludge again by appropriately adjusting its density by dosing water recirculated from the plant itself.

Controlling the density of the incoming sludge allows the volumes of the carbonization (HTC) and solid-liquid separation stages with filter press to be optimized for overall energy and plant efficiency.

B-Sludge HD is the ideal solution for those who deliver to a single treatment hub, concentrated or dewatered sludge that comes from other smaller plants.

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