B-Plas Team

A company is never sustainable in a single goal, it is sustainable in its business model and in the mindset it chooses to develop it.

Accordingly, B-Plas is made up of women and men with different and complementary scientific backgrounds, and multidisciplinary skills that are integrated into daily work to generate collective value. With this belief, we work to consolidate the team through the well-being of each individual.

Davide Collini
Davide ColliniCEO
Science and chemistry are the constant in Davide’s life: whether environmental, industrial or inorganic, for him they are the key to tackling environmental problems. After his PhD in Bologna, various professional experiences led him first within agro-industrial companies, then to deal with technologies for the management of civil and industrial wastewater and process tailings, until he became R&D manager of the Aqseptence Group in 2016. The stimuli are not lacking, the challenges even more so: hence the desire to enrich his skills to put at the service of the company, and the subsequent specialisation in Technology & Innovation Management. It was during this path that he discovered the B-Plas research project and realised the potential of a joint B-Plas path within the Aqseptence Group.
Alisar Kiwan
Alisar KiwanProcess Biologist
As a biologist, Alisar has dedicated himself for years to the study of life in all its forms, especially the invisible ones: cells, viruses, bacteria. With his PhD in Environmental Science, he deepens the impact of contaminants and chemicals on aquatic and terrestrial organisms and realises that this expertise needs to be applied to productive ecosystems. When she joins the B-Plas team, she has the opportunity to apply her competence on microorganism ecosystems, to the development of new biotechnological processes in wastewater treatment, aimed at the production of zero-impact substances such as bioplastics.
Daniele Pirini
Daniele PiriniProcess Development Scientist
Daniele has always been passionate about environmental and eco-sustainable chemistry. After graduating in Organic Chemistry, his choice to pursue academic research gives him the opportunity to get involved in applied research and get in touch with companies engaged in process management from a broad perspective, which does not only look at efficiency. At B-Plas he finds a multidisciplinary context and a team with which he shares an approach and values aimed at solving complex problems. He immediately participates in the construction of the first experimental plant on a semi-industrial scale, focusing in particular on applied chemical technologies; today he carries out laboratory analyses on process effluents and is in charge of the prototype, monitoring its progress on site, looking for solutions to improve plant performance.
Cristian Torri
Cristian TorriR&D Manager
His origins and childhood spent in the heart of the Alps taught Cristian early on that nature, humans, economics and technology are closely linked and that the development of an intrinsically sustainable technology is a key to the best possible future. Organic chemistry and the study of waste materials and their transformation are the focus of his PhD first, and his academic research activity later. Through collaboration with various manufacturing companies, he gradually focuses on the analysis of biochemical processes and plants, maturing an entrepreneurial approach to research that leads him to develop the B-Plas concept, and to the construction of the experimental plant under the patronage of the European Climate KiC. He is co-founder of B-Plas sbrl.
Eleonora Torricelli
Eleonora TorricelliSales & Marketing
Sensitivity towards environmental sustainability, and above all a sense of responsibility towards future generations, are the guiding principles on which Eleonora has built her educational pathway in Environmental Sciences, enriched by a subsequent period of academic research. Several years of work experience in private companies in the waste management sector make her an expert in waste legislation, environmental legislation and authorisation procedures for the construction of plants. All these skills make Eleonora the point of reference for sales & marketing and environmental law, allowing her to give concreteness and applicability to B-Plas technology on the market.
Andrea Bassi
Andrea BassiCTO
After graduating in mechanical engineering in Bologna, Andrea started his professional experience into metal-mechanical company dealing with equipment design. After a few years, he moved to the R&D department, where he worked on vibration analysis and developed several solutions. He entered the filtration sector where he worked on the development of a new family of filter presses specifically for the mining industry. In 2016, he became R&D Product Developed Manager at Diemme Filtration and worked within his group on numerous industrial and civil projects. At this point, he started to cooperate with B-Plas to lead the technical growth of the group.
Vittoria Stefanelli
Vittoria StefanelliPhD Student
Willing to make her contribution to the challenges of the future with an environmentally sustainable approach, Vittoria embarked on her studies in Environmental Science and Environmental Analysis and Management. During her thesis work, she worked on the valorization, through green approaches, of agro-food waste for the production of high value-added molecules. After graduation, eager to continue her path on upcycling, she began an industrial doctorate in Chemistry at the University of Bologna and co-funded by B-Plas, where she worked specifically on the transformation of wastewater sludge into PHA bioplastics.
Mauro Spagnoli
Mauro SpagnoliProject Manager
After completing his studies at the University of Bologna and earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mauro immediately approached the world of Project Management, deepening, over the years, all the aspects of managing a job order: from concept design to drafting the technical specifications and the contract, up to final testing and delivery to the customer. After a long experience in shipbuilding, Mauro comes to B-Plas embracing its green philosophy and the search for cutting-edge and environmentally friendly technological solutions, aware of the need and urgency to mitigate man’s impact on nature and quality of life today, to ensure a future for the new generations.

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